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Beginners Guide to Foundation!

Kim Le

Foundation - Base to your makeup!

This is a staple in every woman's makeup kit!


Unfortunately these days there are various options to choose form and foundation comes in different forms too: Liquids, Creams, Power. This can be confusing for someone who is just getting into makeup! It all depends on what you want to achieve. This is a rule of thumb i tell clients, so here it is:

Going out/Evening wear - Stick to a Liquid or Cream Foundation (these forms generally are longer lasting, and provide more coverage)

Everyday wear - Powder (this form is more lighter allowing your skin to breathe. But that doesn't stop you from wearing liquids or creams if you like more coverage or find you have more of a combination/oily skin type and makeup tends to slip and slide throughout the day.

The most easiest way to choose a foundation that matches your skintone is to go to a makeup counter and ask them to colour match you. Make sure you go out into the day light to ensure it matches you as department store lights can be deceiving.



Application is very important. Its the difference between looking flawless and looking like you really dont know what your doing. Application requires the right tools. The type of tools you use, is preference but let me tell you the rundown on the types of results you will have using different tools:

Fingers - Fingers are sometimes the best tools for makeup! Fingers will help warm up the product to adhere better to your skin but you may find that your foundation might be uneven.

Traditional Foundation Brush - Think of this as though you are painting. You would be painting a thicker layer on so this is best for full coverage results. But this type of brush if not used correctly can lead to unpleasant streaks.

Fluffy Dense Powder Brush - This is best used only for those using powdered foundation! It will be great to buff the foundation into the skin for light to full coverage.

Dense Foundation Brushes - Great for medium to full coverage and provides more even coverage.

Stippling Brush- If you want an airbrush light finish, this is the tool to use!

Sponge - This is great for those who want light coverage, by bouncing it on the skin for most flawless finish when used damp. when used dry, best used for powdered foundation for more of a fuller coverage result.

Damp Beauty Blender - I left the best to last. This is my favorite foundation application tool because it gives me the most flawless finish that doesn't look cakey. It really works the product onto my skin and i get a light to full coverage if i choose. This tool doubles up for blending as well as can be used to set my foundation with powder (used damp). I love this tool and would highly recommend this above the above methods of application.

One last note on Foundation, its purpose is to even out your skin tone, not cover every imperfection you have! So PLEASE do not layer your foundation too much, as it will create that THICK feeling on the skin and also, you will look like cake! This is not a flattering look on anyone so keep to 2 layers of foundation max! This applies especially for those who use liquid or cream foundation. However, this also applies for those using powder foundation, you may not look like a cake, but the results will make you look like your skin is dehydrated if you load your power foundation on so please we aware of this!

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